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In a heartwarming tale of resilience and transformation, Alisa's remarkable journey from grief to glory is set to captivate the hearts and minds across the West Midlands. A true testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity, her newly released book chronicles her courageous triumph over loss, dependencies, and mental struggles, while finding solace in newfound faith and soaring to a trailblazing career.


"From Grief to Glory" takes readers on an intimate and candid exploration of Alisa's experiences, bravely recounting her path of healing after enduring the unimaginable loss of her husband at just 30 years old. As she sought resources to aid her through the grieving process, Alisa embarked on a courageous path of documenting her journey, ultimately finding healing and recovery.


The book delves into her triumphant battle against dependencies on sex, alcohol, and marijuana while navigating a mental breakdown. Through authentic transparency, Alisa reveals how sharing her truth became a guiding light not only leading her towards healing but also sparking a transformative career shift. Recently appointed as the first female Director of Media & Marketing for the Christian Broadcasting Network in the UK, Alisa's journey radiates hope and inspiration.


"I believe as woman we should not hide our pain and that we must speak our truth, no matter how dark and ugly it is. Through authentic transparency we have the power to help others realise they are not alone and that joy can be found again, no matter the situation and no matter your age," Alisa shared.


"From Grief to Glory" goes beyond being a personal account; it serves as a beacon of hope for all women facing similar circumstances. With her fervent passion for empowering women evident on every page, the book becomes a must-read for those seeking inspiration and hope.


Aligned with her impactful vision, Alisa's coaching consultancy 'Just Call me Alisa' has exciting plans for later this year—to launch the audiobook version and her inaugural 'Journey to Joy' retreat. The retreat, thoughtfully designed, aims to assist women ensnared in the midst of loss & grief, providing invaluable 'healthy comfort blankets, alternative healing techniques, and tools.' It promises a path through anguish and sorrow, leading to a new season of purpose and fulfillment.

Need Support Through Your Grief Journey?

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